Week 8 – 3/6 Modern Slavery


One thought on “Week 8 – 3/6 Modern Slavery

  1. ewm1 March 5, 2013 at 10:14 pm Reply

    In this week’s reading, Kevin Bales explains the integration slavery has in the modern day global economy. The aim of slavery is higher profitability through a drastic reduction in labor wages. Bales states “when human rights compete with profit, profit wins.” (147) Slavery, however, is illegal everywhere, companies running on slavery wouldn’t exists if the nations everywhere would enforce this, but companies relying on slavery can bribe law enforcers to overlook their slaves and still easily turn a profit.The most effective way Bales states we could combat such slavery is by taking away their profit margin, maintaining that “Slaveholders … will walk away from the slaves and the business if it stops making money.” (240) There are many ways to do this, but do to how intertwined slavery is in the global economy, doing so would, in most cases, only improve the lives of workers in countries where slavery exists, and raise cost of living in countries that could help. As such, there’s not much incentive to help such slaves to freedom. (Citations taken from the 2012 edition of Disposable People)

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